XJP is the digital Japanese yen.

Tokenized on the block chain.
As stable as a real currency.

What is XJP?

XJP is a cryptocurrency that has both the benefits of an open blockchain and the stability of a traditional currency.

Stable Currency

XJP tokenizes JPY on the blockchain.

The price of XJP is linked to the price of actual Japanese Yen.
(1 XJP ≒ 1 JPY)

Our healthy cash flow is able to cover the distribution amount of XJP, contributing to its price stability.

Blockchain Technology

The XJP platform is built on Ethereum technology, leveraging the security and transparency it provides.

Hedging Against Investment Risk

One of the biggest risks of purchasing a cryptocurrency is the volatility in terms of its value.

As XJP is pegged to Japanese Yen, it can be used as a haven for your assets.

How XJP Works

XJP is offered by THE ANGO PROJECT. We stabilizes the price of XJP by deploying automatic market-making mechanism. In turn, XJP owners can save, spend, or exchange their XJP with other cryptocurrencies.

Want to learn more about how it works? Our WhitePaper is available in both English and Japanese.

Get started with XJP

Buying XJP

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If not, find an exchange you like from the list below, and sign up though their website. If things don’t work out, try looking around in the Resources.

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Mickey Milojko Spajic

Structuring and Strategy

Mickey is SSTJ’s Investment Director and crypto-assets entrepreneur. He strongly believes in technologies and business models that enhance the interhuman trust, such as crypto-assets/blockchain, shared economy and AI. Mickey was previously a part of the Pan-Asian distressed credit team at Goldman Sachs and fixed income desk at Citibank.

Tomo Nakamura

Engineering Lead

Tomo has been a full-stack engineer for the entirety of his career. He started at Goldman Sachs and developed Settlement and Clearance systems for various stocks and bonds. After that, Tomo joined Playfish/Electronic Arts as one of the first engineers in their Japan studio. He was also a co-founder of Japanese startup Wekids and served as CTO.

Sho Sawada

Engineering Lead

Being a technical co-founder, Sho has always been involved in wide-range of mission-critical projects. His past work includes applications and infrastructure engineering. More recently, his projects are centered around FinTech, as he is currently developing block-chain application and mobile payment systems.

Shingo Kawano

Financial Expert Accounting, Legal

Shingo was an associate, accounting specialist and technology supporter at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, in which he mainly advised Financial Institutions. He has participated in developing banking enterprise and accounting systems in a few global banks.

Yutaro Yamada

Business Development

As a senior consultant at consulting firm Dream Incuboator Inc., Yutaro proposed management strategies that helped establish new businesses for leading companies of various industries. Yutaro then moved to an independent firm, where he drove the growth of clients with an hands on approach.

Chihaya Akaike


Chihaya previously worked as a business strategist and data analyst at Rakuten Inc. He has implemented department-wide KPI management and data analaysis while at Rakuten Travel and helped to launch Rakuma, a C2C e-commerce app, in Taiwan.

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